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                           ADI’HAI knitwear – Latvian produced knitwear brand

We offer:

Knitted products made using different technologies – jackets, sweaters, vests, gloves, scarves, socks and other knitted accessories, using modern, high quality and natural materials.

 Our core values are high quality, thorough work, original and elegant design

-           High quality

Our products stand out with their high quality. All knitwear is made using qualitative materials, like linen, cotton, natural silk, merino wool, cashmere and mohair that properly and carefully cared can be used for many years.

-           Originality

Each ADI`HAI knitwear product is original and unique. They reflect feminine elegance, refinement and harmony.

We pay special attention to each client, to provide the highest level of co-operation with you.

-           Thorough and work made with love

ADI`HAI knitwear products are made thoroughly and with big love. We offer products that are unique handmade products, as well as made with knitting machine.



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We wish everyone to experience elegance, magic of tenderness, colorfulness and joy, wearing knits made in Latvia